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£100 Per Hour Black and Grey work
£150 Per Hour for Colour Work

These rate’s apply for large work that will require multiple sessions [back pieces, sleeves]

Tattoo’s that can be completed in one session regardless of size, colour’s used, placement or time spent will be negotiated and agreed upon before commencement.

The healing process is crucial to the appearance of your tattoo afterwards; The skin needs to be in good condition in order for us to work on it; everything can make a difference to how it turns out. Broken, cracked, damaged or sun burnt skin cannot be tattooed. You need to avoid alcohol before you have your tattoo for at least 12hours, as alcohol thins the blood and results in excess bleeding. Before getting tattooed it is a good idea to have a decent meal, in order to maintain your sugar levels up. We also cannot tattoo anyone who is pregnant.

Ideally you really should not need to. There may be a few little top ups required over time, however if the tattoo is properly looked after you should not have any problems.

It is important to remember to try to keep your tattoo out of the sun at all times, and if you need to be out use a high SPF (50+) lotion.

Although many people would like to have a new tattoo to show whilst on holiday, we strongly recommend waiting until you come home.

A new tattoo needs to be kept out of direct sunlight as much as possible, and it is also necessary to avoid soaking it for at least two weeks.
It is therefore advisable to wait, as this way you will be able to enjoy your holiday, without worrying about your tattoo.

Unfortunately we will not tattoo anyone under the age of 18 under any circumstances, as this is illegal.

If we feel that it is necessary we will ask you for ID, and may also ask to make a photocopy of it, for our records. However, we will do this once you come in for you appointment, we do not ask for ID when taking your booking. Please remember to bring your ID with you on the day of your tattoo, as If you have left a deposit but you arrive with no ID, your deposit will be lost.

In order to make a booking, we need to see what exactly you have in mind. We would usually ask for you to come into the studio and have a chat with us about your ideas. If you are travelling long distance, we can keep in touch with you via e-mail. However, unfortunately we do not take bookings via e-mail.

Very often people come into the studio and say “I want a tattoo, but I do not know what I want or where”.
Unfortunately we need to have some kind of direction to be pushed in, it is our job to take your ideas and run with them, but we do need to know where we are going. Unfortunately, we cannot give you an exact price for your tattoo.

There are many factors that will affect the price of your tattoo, for example the size, detail, whether it is color of black and grey, among others.
It is best to come into the studio and have a chat with us if you are interested in getting a price, or you are more than welcome to send your ideas over to us in an e-mail.
However if you do want a rough cost you can send ideas over to us with a size (centimeters) and we will do our best to give you a price, however this can sometimes change and they are not always 100% accurate.

Tattoos do hurt, however the pain is not unbearable, otherwise we would not keep doing it to ourselves. Certain areas are a little worse than others but overall it is not all that bad.

We are a custom studio, so we try our best to design everything from scratch. Very often people ask to see their designs straight away, however we are very busy and we tend to do our artwork at the beginning of each week. We only draw designs once you have booked in for an appointment, the deposit is not a design fee, and it goes toward the final cost of your tattoo, so unfortunately we cannot send your design over to you.
The deposit is non refundable, and the minimum deposit that we take is £20.
You can move your deposit if you need to re-schedule, however we need 24 hours notice to do so.

This all depends on the style of work that you are after; if you have a particular style in mind we will usually point you in the direction of the artist that we think is best suited for you. If there are any other questions that you would like answered please feel free to give us a call anytime on 01189 667906 or you can drop into the studio and have a chat with us.