“Hi guys! I got this foot tattoo done in September by Chupin but haven’t had a chance to pop back in the shop. I just wanted to say how chuffed I am with it now its healed. This is the first one that hasn’t required a single touch up or anything. Love the colour’s he used and the style, considering having lots of them replicated down my back if he comes back after Christmas! Thanks again x”

“Just wanted to drop a quick line to you guys to say thanks to you guys for today! Of course my biggest thanks go to Lenko. I’m amazed with what he came up with based on “Put my cat in a plane please”. I love it, and can’t wait to finish it off. Hope he’s pleased with it too. I also want to thank you all for making it generally a good day. Yours is by far the most friendly and comfortable studio I’ve visited.”

“Thought I’d drop you a quick thank you note for my tattoo. Absolutely love the design – far, far better than what I’d pictured in my mind’s eye when thinking about what to get done. I love the way that it’s not immediately obvious there are numbers in there, but when you look at it the right way they pop out. And thank you as well for making the experience of getting it done a relaxing, reassuring one – I’ll sing your praises at every opportunity I get!”

“Had a medley of my kids names done by Serge today and I absolutely love it will post a pic when i can take the cling film off, great 31st birthday present to myself xxx”

“Hi Kev and the gang. Just wanted to say thanks for the superb job you did on my sleeve. So pleased with the final outcome, far better than I could have ever hoped for.”

“Hey, just wanted to say thanks for today. Love my new tattoo – so much detail  great job once again – Pedro you are phenomenal – hopefully I can see you soon for more ink”

“Just wanted to say thanks so much today for my tattoo; I LOVE LOVE LOVE it and its just perfect, so much attention to detail! Will send pic once healed. Thanks again!”

“I had my First tattoo yesterday by Pedro. Its amazing and i am blown away by the job he did. I shall return for more!!”

“Wanted to say thanks for the 7 hour sleeve on thurs, Lenko is an amazing artist what a great studio v happy. Don’t visit anywhere else”

“Thank you so much Kevin!! Happy Birthday to me!! I love my new scorpion tattoo”

“Thank you Pedro, for doing an amazing job. Eternal Nirvana are an amazing tattooist, recommended to all. Pic to follow once the redness has gone.”

“Love my tattoo Kevin, thanks mate will be back in a couple of weeks when fully healed for pics. The Great Great Wave”

“Just got a custom by Kevin. Dude I am SO stoked right now. What an incredible artist. All the best.”

“Thank you for the laser work, it’s fading ever soooo slowly but getting there x”

“Had loads of comment on the beach sleeve Kevin did on me all over Africa! Love it!”